Frequently asked questions about our pools

No, water is a great environment for storing wood. Coastal cities everywhere are built on wooden pillars. We leave wooden ships out on the water and hundreds of years later and they are still in superb condition. These pontoons and stilts last 200 to 300 years. Do any other pools have this lifespan?

Our woods are dried until they reach a humidity rate of 15%. When they are submerged, no splinters will form.

Our swimming pool is not a “wooden swimming pool” but a high-end swimming pool which has the remarkable characteristic of having a solid wooden basin 100% immersed, untreated and rot-proof with organic filtration (chlorine, bromine and salt free), ecological, intelligent, and which allows the use to achieve significant savings in water and energy. Our pool is in no way comparable to the above ground wooden pools that can be found today on the market. BIOPOOLTECH is a quality product.

No, the wood in the water does not undergo any treatment. There is no classification for immersed wood. In addition, the Douglas pond wood is not in contact with the ground, so it does not need to be treated.

The contact of wood in water is soft and pleasant. In order to maintain this peachy skin feeling, it is key to regularly run the pool cleaning robot. A polyester liner or shell is infinitely more slippery.

It is not the wood that seals the pool, but a one-piece rubber membrane (synthetic – EPDM) placed behind the wood. This membrane is itself protected from backfill aggregates by a double thickness of geotextile.

The oldest tank fitted with an EPDM membrane in the United States is over 60 years old, and in France dates from 1973. After analysis of this membrane, it is like new. Each EPDM membrane in our swimming pools is delivered with a nominal 20-year warranty certificate issued by the manufacturer Firestone, but it will last much longer thanks to its impressive physico-chemical qualities. These are the same membranes that are used to waterproof roofs or the retention basins that we see along roads.

Our first pool dates from 2008. We have used wood in water for millennia. Today we have several hundred swimming pools installed in France, Switzerland, Belgium, and New Zealand.

The color of the wood in water makes one think of the color of the bottom of a stream. Over time, you will enjoy seeing that the hues of your pool will be more and more magical.

The water between the membrane and the floor is filtered just like all the water in the basin. Generally, all the water under the floor is filtered every hour. This prevents the formation of algae.

The pools are entirely made of wood from French forests eco-managed in the Massif Central and the Alps, FSC and PEF certified.

When first built, the wood (natural and without any treatment) immersed in the water will release tannins which will color the water for a few weeks. These tannins will be destroyed by UV from the sun but also by the UVc sterilization lamp. It is therefore important to let the pool run with the UVc lamp on, which will further increase the rate of disappearance of this natural dye. This color absolutely does not risk coloring the skin.

No: Larch is much more gnarled than Douglas, it splits a lot. In addition, there is no larch from eco-managed forests, unlike the Douglas. The qualities of Douglas as a submerged wood are renowned in America.

No risk, the wooden structure is held by supporting legs in several tonnes of crushed stone.

The BIOPOOLTECH specifications require the creation of a real decompression well, which requires the use of crushed stone. The decompression well allows the rising water or gases that form under the pool to escape.

In the same way as a shell, the wooden structure of our swimming pools will be subjected to external pressure, which risks deforming the basin. In fact it is imperative to shore up the BIOPOOLTECH basin in the event of emptying.

Securing the pool is an obligation for the owner. The purpose of this is to ensure the safety of children under the age of 5. The standards currently in force in terms of securing swimming pools are as follows: NFP90-306 / 307/308/309. They correspond respectively to alarms, barriers, covers / shutters, and shelters.

Traditionally the water level in conventional swimming pools is around 15 cm below the coping. This is a constraint in relation to the position of the skimmers. Conversely, so-called mirror pools have a system which allows water not to pass through skimmers since it overflows into gutters placed on all sides of the pool. Biopooltech pools have the particularity of having a water level 5 to 6 cm below the copings thanks to skimmers which are positioned just under the copings. They thus make it possible to give a mirror effect. Note that skimmers are thus invisible when the bathers are in the pool.

Frequently asked questions about our connected filtration

The BioPoolSafe filtration system guarantees you healthy and crystal clear water. However, as in all swimming pools, when leaves or other litter fall in your pool, it is best to pass the skimming net or use a robot and empty the skimmers’ baskets.

At BIOPOOLTECH, the pumps fitted to the BioPoolSafe filtration system are ultra low consumption variable flow pumps. All the piping in which the water circulates is large in diameter and the filter in which the filtering bacteria are installed creates very little pressure drop (little pressure drop = little friction unlike a sand filter). In fact, the electricity consumption of circulation pumps is between 50 and 200 W / h, which is 10 times less electricity consumption than with conventional filtration.

Rinsing water consumption is reduced by 50% since the bacteria filter allows less resistance.

When the bio-film is dirty, there is no backwashing of the filter (which traditionally requires 1000 to 1500 liters of water every week for sand filtration), but simply a draining of the 150 liters of water contained in the ball filter.

In the Bio-Premium system, the ball filter contains a biofilm consisting of bacteria harmless to humans, from nature, which bind to each other to filter water and capture microorganisms for them. The bio-film absorbs and degrades 95% of what it captures.

These are the same bacteria as those used by plants to degrade organic compounds. They are therefore completely harmless to humans. These same bacteria are present in lakes and rivers of pure water. These bacteria are class 1 bacteria, within the meaning of standard 2000/54 / EC. This ensures that they are completely harmless, even for people who are immunosuppressed. FYI, the human body contains 100,000 billion bacteria.

Yes it is ecological, organic and we also use organic hydrogen peroxide in small injections to prevent the development of algae.

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