BIOPOOLTECH comfort equipment

BIOPOOLTECH offers you a wide range of BIOPOOLTECH natural pool accessories to
customize your natural pool as you wish. Our accessories are wooden equipment designed to keep the natural aesthetic and original design of your pool. We offer you a wide range of essential accessories designed to enhance the pleasure
of your swim.

Swimming against the current


For a workout at home, BIOPOOLTECH offers you a swim against the current.
The ideal accessory for athletes, swimming against the current allows you to workout even in a small pool.

Wooden ladder


100% solid wood. Our ladders guarantee a soft touch and feel getting in and out of your pool. They will integrate perfectly into the ambiance of your pool and guarantee safe and simple access to the pool.

Wooden pool cover

piscine biopooltech naturelle en bois et connectée

Wooden pool cover in total agreement with the design of your pool. The Douglas pine pool cover is fitted with stainless steel screws and fits perfectly with the design of your pool. 

Corner staircase

piscine biopooltech naturelle en bois et connectée, escalier d'angle
Our 100% solid wood corner stairs will allow you to enter your pool lightly with the softness of the wood under your feet. We suggest that you enter your swimming pool gently, always being in contact with 100% French certified solid wood.

Submerged pool deck

piscine biopooltech naturelle en bois et connectée

BIOPOOLTECH offers you the possibility of gently entering your pool or relaxing, thanks to its immersed pool deck just below the water in 100% French solid wood.

Overflowing swimming pool

piscine biopooltech naturelle en bois et connectée, piscine à débordement

Flowing over the edge, the infinity effect gives the illusion of diving into space. An upscale architectural creation, the overflowing wall surpasses the pool and goes into space.

Massage nozzles


Transform your traditional pool circulation system into a relaxing massage jet. Our Intelligent system gives you a in-pool massage thanks to this option which can be controlled from your fingertips using your smartphone.

ORGANIC & Natural SPA area

spa biopooltech naturel en bois et connectée

Sanitarium Per Aqua “water care”, is taken to the extreme here with care by pure, crystalline and naturally filtered water. From whirlpools to massage jets, everything is done to satisfy you. The ORGANIC & Natural SPA guarantees total relaxation, taking you to Nirvana. Accessible from your Smartphone.

Ecological heating


The best way to heat your pool is to use the natural energy of the sun, coupled with innovative tools like heat pumps. BIOPOOLTECH pools naturally capture solar energy and store calories better than any other pool to lengthen swimming at the start and end of the season. Even though the BIOPOOLTECH system is extremely efficient, nothing prevents you from equipping your pool with additional heat production. BIOPOOLTECH offers solutions adapted to your project according to your region controlled with your Smartphone.

Autonomous Management

piscine biopooltech naturelle en bois et connectée

BIOPOOLTECH is the inventor of the Intelligent Connected and Autonomous Bio Pool. Simplify your life and benefit from complete autonomy for your swimming pool. With BIOPOOLTECH your swimming pool becomes completely autonomous, with automatic management of filter rinsing in addition to the original automation and simplicity. Ask us for the Full Autonomy option and leave home with peace of mind, BIOPOOLTECH does the rest. Ask our service techs for a detailed description of the automation.

Submerged or above-ground security shutter

piscine biopooltech naturelle en bois et connectée

The safety of your pool is an asset for your daily serenity. Secure your pool with underwater or above-ground shutters and preserve the heat from your pool.

Night lighting

piscine biopooltech naturelle en bois et connectée

At night and during the day, the lighting enhances your BIOPOOLTECH pool. Whether in the water or around your pool, these lights are essential and controlled with your smartphone thanks to our intelligent systems. You can dine every evening with a garden and a swimming pool whose lighting is fully automated.

Mirror effect

piscine biopooltech naturelle en bois et connectée

All BIOPOOLTECH swimming pools are mirrored with flush water under the edge in order to preserve the beautiful aesthetics of our swimming pools.



In order to beautify your Outdoor, our partner network at BIOPOOLTECH accompanies you in the realization of your landscaping. Whether it is a terrace, vegetation or the mineralization of the garden, guaranteeing the successful aesthetics of your high-end BIOPOOLTECH pool.

Piloting your outdoor

Fontaine en bambou dans un jardin

Limit yourself no more and benefit from the control of all your outdoor, watering with humidity control to water only if necessary. Access and control, all of the equipment in your swimming pool and control your music on your phone. Controlling your outdoor experience has never been easier.

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