Stop Algua into your Pool with no chemical use !


BIOPOOL AI ALGUASTOP is the most sustainable solution in the world to eliminate algae in the swimming pool and is totally controlled by an on-board AI and controllable by your smartphone.

Algua development problems ?

Every swimming pool owner in the world has the same problem : algae development. To elimate those algua, In order to eliminate algae, swimming pool specialists are using lots of bad chemical products. We all know that they are dangerous for people, fish, animals, earth, rivers & oceans. Moreover, chemical industry requires energy, generates CO² and uses lots of other chemical additives in their production processes. 


BIOPOOL AI ALGASTOP is an electro-acoustic device driven by on-board AI which creates the hydrogen peroxide effect on algae without using hydrogen peroxide. The transmitter of BIOPOOL AI ALGASTOP is installed at one end of the pool; it diffuses the effect on all the walls of the pool. BIOPOOL AI ALGASTOP controller, installed in the technical room, has an exceptionally low power consumption: only 20w to produce this lasting effect. Materials involved into BIOPOOL AI ALGASTOP device are 100% recyclable and designed to have a very long lifespan. BIOPOOL AI ALGASTOP box is waterproof connected to the technical room, with a wired connection or wireless in option. BIOPOOL AI ALGASTOP is fully sustainable.
Look the amazing result !.

No chemicals

BIOPOOL AI ALGASTOP solution is more efficient than traditional chemical products without using them.

Advanced Analysis

BIOPOOL AI ALGASTOP works like this : it is analyzing the context (water quality, temperature, usage) and is creating the same effect than hydrogen peroxide by killing algas… but without using chemistry.

Sustainable Solution

BIOPOOL AI ALGASTOP is the most sustainable solution in the world to eliminate algae in swimming pools. It is driven by an on-board AI and controlled on your smartphone.

Environmental friendly

BIOPOOL AI ALGASTOP is totally neutral for earth and environmentally friendly: it respects nature, animals, fishes, river, lakes, ocean and Us by the way.

Easy to install and use

BIOPOOL AI ALGASTOP is easy to install and use. BIOPOOL AI ALGASTOP needs a subscription to interact with our online server. This technical choice guaranty an ideal effect on algae because it considers the pool setup and daily weather conditions.

For non-chemical BIO POOLs.

BIOPOOL AI ALGUASTOP is specially designed for non-chemical BIO POOL.

design qualities

BIOPOOL AI ALGASTOP looks like a rectangular waterproof box of 20 x 15 x 3 cm. It is elegantly designed to allow a perfect integration into the pool without compromising its attractiveness. This box is connected to the controller located in the technical room. With your smartphone, you manage BIOPOOL AI ALGASTOP through our server. This technical architecture guarantee efficiency and technical security.

Ecological responsibility

BIOPOOL AI ALGASTOP is a fantastic solution: it eliminates algae in swimming pools without using chemical products.

BIOPOOL AI ALGASTOP has a massive CO², GHG, Energy impact on swimming pools environmental footprint.

Comparing with traditional chemical solutions, BIOPOOL AI ALGASTOP gets rid of:

– 90% CO2 production

– 90% electrical consumption

– 100% chemicals

– 100% fish poison

– 100% tank recycling

All materials and components of BIOPOOL AI ALGASTOP are based on 100% recyclable materials.


Our product is assembled close to our customer base in order to reduce CO² impact and is delivered with low impact transport solutions. BIOPOOL AI ALGASTOP is designed and built in order to have a life span over 20 years. Our interest is to get subscriptions not to replace hardwares. The product is 100% recyclable through traditional channels. At the end of life, we will collect the product and organize recyclability.

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Contact us to Study your dream project: