Japanese BIO Spa

Organic and natural relaxation

Unrivaled relaxation

Here we offer you a completely natural Japanese relaxation spa based on BIOPOOLTECH. Comfortably seated on benches in a whirlpool bath in contact with solid wood, relaxation is complete.

Relaxation of Mind and Body

The BIOPOOLTECH swim spa is the ideal solution to enjoy a aquatic relaxation area at home, while preserving its outdoor space.

Japanese Inspiration

Our immersed wooden spas are inspired by the Japanese atmosphere, providing you with unique relaxation and zenitude experience.

Immersed Wood

This continuous filtration spa offers you an entirely natural relaxation space thanks to the immersion of wood in water. It brings you back to the Roman spas of times past: Sanitas Per Aquam. Relive the experience of natural thermal baths at home!

Intelligent & Connected Organic Spa

Your Spa is intelligent, you can control it remotely: Massage jets, Blower, Heating, Lighting, Music, ... everything is easily controlled with your Smartphone! Stay ZEN, your ORGANIC SPA takes care of you ...


A natural SPA basin. Consisting of 2 2m benches submerged 50 cm below the water level.

Natural Japanese spa in certified solid wood.

Curved 55 mm thick coping, 30 mm thick walls.

Whirlpool system with 6 jets integrated into the bottom of the basin: powered by a 900 W blower placed in the technical room, with pneumatic control integrated directly into the basin.

Organic & natural filtration

All our pools are built with intelligent and connected BIO filtration from BIOPOOLTECH. This filtration is free of chlorine, bromine or other chemicals. We combine UV sterilization and advanced technology of biological filters. Our filtration systems are easy to use and without constraints.
* Non-contractual photo, filtration according to the power & the size of the spa.

BIO Filtration Naturelle Intelligente et Connectée

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